Communities flourish in places which receive long-term care, attention and investment.

When this doesn’t happen, it can lead to a breakdown in trust and the sense that areas and people are being ‘left behind’. Some people are forced from their home towns due to unaffordable private market rents, whilst in some areas existing stock is crying out for investment to bring it up to date with today’s quality expectations.

The Regeneration and Development Conference and Exhibition is the ideal opportunity for public, private and non-profit organisations to take stock of the operating environment and build the relationships needed to tackle the housing crisis together.

About the event

The Regeneration and Development conference is an excellent opportunity to see a snapshot across the sector and indeed the country of views ideas, best practice and opportunities. Inspiring STUFF!

Executive Director Development and Investment, Broadacres
Regeneration and Development 2020

Key themes

Improve quality: explore the latest on building regulations, and learn more about the approaches taken by different providers to boost the safety, sustainability and condition of the homes they offer.

Increase delivery: discuss the changes needed for our land and planning systems, and explore development finance options, from grant to private placement.

Working in partnership: meet a wide variety of developers from across the country to understand and discuss opportunities for greater collaboration.

The exhibition

The exhibition features leading suppliers to the sector and forms the central hub of the conference. These suppliers are keen to work with you and to help you in your work to deliver more quality homes.